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  • Fergal Downes
  • Carlos Parraga
  • Training Course

‌  Excellent guide about making money online with "passive" income streams

  • Best in Offline Niches
  • Training quality is actually very good
  • Passive traffic means do once, get results forever

‌  The only thing I see that can be viewed as negative is you may have a hard time scaling up and, for example - doubling your results

Our Full Honest Review

Really..Making 100% "Passive" Income Outside the Internet Marketing Niche...

Here is a fact... Many people DON'T Want to start marketing in the Internet Marketing (IM) niche? Why??? I don't know about you - but personally, I got into this internet marketing game because I loved the idea of making money passively while I was asleep or while I was out going about my day. Unfortunately passive income turned out to be quite hard to come across as I found that instead of making money while I slept I only really made money while I was putting in many hours to keep my business ticking over. Passive Income means you do the work once - get results over and over again. This Product by Fergal Downes, attempts to show you how to build "Simple Passive Income Machines" that can make an average of $275 each week - on autopilot. In addition, the product creator attempts to teach you how to build an income stream using FREE traffic in any niche.  

Check out the Traffic Titan Demo Video below:

Pricing and More Passive Income Ninja Info

This product is currently priced at $18.80 - but the price is increasing every few sales. What I found when I [purchased and entered the member area - were 14 videos in a case study in a very easy to follow format.  The creators show you the niche that the course was based on (the starting a cleaning business niche).   You are going to learn some very practical and very detailed strategies to setting up and running your passive and online business.   One of the things I noticed is they provide proof on getting on the first page of Google (again, using FREE sources) using videos that lead to your respective landing pages.   For those of us that are camera shy - you can actually create videos using screen shots - but either way, the system shows you how to capture free traffic to your sites. I found that the system works best in niches that are not focusing on internet marketing.


If you have never made any money online before, this product can get you to your first $50 per week or more.  The key they show you is to get that first income stream up and running - giving you more time and money for other important parts of your online business. I also can say that the training is actually very good, having good instructions detailing how you can capture free traffic and send it to your landing or sales pages. They system also will show you how to build a list of people that are interested in your niche.  You can use your email marketing tp them convert them to buyers. So, besides being able to capture leads that can be recurring for you, here is what I think about Passive Income Ninja...

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