Who We Are, and Our Story

“Online Success Can Be Attained By Anyone – IF…”

mypicmeJust like most people reading this page, I sought online success as a way to generate extra income to help pay bills and other financial obligations.  

In 2000, I sought online income on my old PC using dialup and actually found some success by using “surfing to text” sites and the such.  Getting that first $35 check for simply surfing opened my eyes up to the emerging internet and the fact that money could be made out there.

In 2001, I started a hosting business called UR4Hosting.com as a way to provide a low cost, but professional level website hosting for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Back then, the only choices for reliable and affordable hosting was “shared hosting” as VPS (virtual private servers) and dedicated servers were out of the affordable range for most small businesses and entrepreneurs. at our peak, we had over 100 clients sites’ hosted…but what they needed was help creating websites and getting people to see their websites.

In 2002, my partner and I began to learn how to create custom websites using basic html and WYSIWYG editors.  This brought additional clients in – as most clients did not know, or wanted to learn coding for their new and emerging websites.

When WordPress launched in 2003, we realized that they were on to something using blogs created under the WordPress platform.

Since then, we have been using and converting websites to WordPress due to the end users (clients) being able to update their sites on their own, using the Content Management System built into the WordPress platform.  

We really want to see all small business owners, entrepreneurs and others make the most out of the internet and online marketing.  This site provides the tools, training and products for just about everyone that is doing anything online.